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How I returned over 12,000% profit on a highly niche automotive spray booth supplier

12,031% ROI On Large Equipment Supplier


This client was renowned throughout the Greater Toronto Area for their exceptional automotive painting booths, lifts, and unparalleled equipment, which set the standard for quality and sophistication in the industry.

The Problem

The website was dated and poorly structured for modern day SEO practices. All of the products/services were listed on a single page, likely due to there not being alot search traffic for individual terms.

The Solution

I provided the business with a complete online transformation, significantly enhancing its professional standing and securing top rankings for its specific niche search terms.


Web Design

A modern website was built to provide a clean user experience and display the business' experience and Canadian-built quality.

Niche SEO

Local search volume was too minial to show up in traditional keyword tools, but breaking up the services allowed us to rank for high-converting keywords, both long and short tail.

Detailed Performance

Both email and phone call leads were carefully tracked and fed into a Hubspot pipeline. This allowed us to understand not only how the website converted into leads but how leads converted into sales.

spray-booths-before spray-booths-after

The Results

The website became a regular source of leads and sales. The sales team could easily follow up with leads and track their performance through the CRM pipeline. Because of this we were able to assign a proper value to leads and understand a true Return on Investment.

Tracking the leads to sales all the way through the funnel allowed us to place an accurate value on leads. With an average sale value of $40,000, a lead is worth roughly $500. Leads are all Organic so the only cost is the monthly retainer.

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