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How I was able to boost Organic Traffic by 91.4% in 6 months without writing a single piece of content with programmatic SEO.

91.4% Organic Growth with Programmatic SEO


What if I told you that I was able to boost Organic Traffic by 91.4% in 6 months without writing a single page of content? In this case study, you’ll learn how I used programatic SEO and Dynamic Content to optimize thousands of user-submitted blog posts.

The Problem

This client’s website entirely of user-submitted stories. We don’t have the ability to write/edit content, there’s not even a blog yet.

The client got decent traction early on but organic traffic plateaued and they didn’t know how to continue growth.

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The Solution

I was going to have to tackle this project with an oddly broad approach. Optimization decisions would reverberate through thousands of pages so thinking ahead was more neccessary than usual.

Keyword Trends

Our keyword research uncovered that the client had been targetting long-form keywords based around the base keyword "erotica" following the lead of their main competitor.

While that keyword had good volume, it was a dying keyword, trending down slowly over the years. It was discovered that base keywords around "stories" was less competitive and has a upward trend.

Dynamic Content

The archive pages were optimized using dynamic headlines, short descriptions, and featured images. We were able to dynamically target the phrase "Free [category-name] stories" for both category and tag archives without breaking proper english. This created thousands of optimized pages alone.

Programmatic Metas

I applied this same logic to meta data for the archives and stories themselves. Category names and Tags were used to write unique, dynamic meta descriptions and meta titles, leading to more optimized stories to capture long-tail, story-specific keywords.

This also lead to an improved organic click-through-rate of 9.2%! For reference, 3% is considered a good organic CTR.

The Results

Organic traffic has started to grow again. The best part? Since each story is now dynamically optimized, as users continue to submit their stories on a daily basis, the site will naturally rank for more and more long-tail keywords.

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