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How I generated 100,000 monthly organic visits with a highly-scalable tool.

New Source of Organic Traffic


Dog Food Reviews is an extension Dogs Naturally Magazine, a successful blog that funnels blog traffic into ecommerce marketing funnels to sell product.

The Problem

About a year into the COVID-19, Google cracked down on medical “misinformation” by punishing information it deemed not credible enough.

Our blog about natural health care for dogs started to bleed traffic, dropping from over 2 million monthly visitors to less that 1 million.

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The Solution

We decided we wanted an alternate source of Organic Traffic, a tool with objective facts and didn’t carry the burden of writing as much content as our blog.

Dog Food Reviews was born. Consisting of mainly food and brand reviews, Dog Food Reviews is an SEO powerhouse with an easy-to-use user experience making for high shareability and building Domain Authority organically.

Dynamic Content

The content team is able to quickly review foods by entering the score and selecting from a list of pre-written "issues" based on ingredients.

This information is not only used to create pages for each dog food, but also brand page reviews, which are responsible for more search traffic.


The SEO on Dog Food Reviews is handled almost completely dynamically. For the few things that couldn't be done dynamically, a detailed SOP was written for the content team to follow and reference.

Backlinks are built organically by dog food companies with high scores and fellow industry professionals while each food contains sources to how it's scored to help avoid E-E-A-T Google penalties that befell the original blog.

UI/UX Design

The user experience of Dog Food Reviews is meant to make it extremely easy to understand how each food is scored and navigate to a better alternative.

The colors and slider of each food is dynamically selected based on score. Each listed issue has a "more information" box that is loaded with a JS popup and links to the source.

The Results

Dog Food Reviews ranks second for the large traffic search term “dog food reviews” and many “[brand name] dog food reviews” keywords. Backlinks are gained organically, raising domain rating and rankings across the board.

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Dog Food Reviews is able to run nearly on autopilot. As domain rating rises from organic backlinks, and new food/brand reviews are added every month, organic traffic continues to grow.