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How I gave a local gym a facelift to boost new business.

Local MMA Gym Web Design


A new MMA gym came to town but was not part of a chain of gyms, had no brand recognition, and was starting from scratch. A basic website existed, a single page website with what courses were offered and pricing but that’s about it.

The Problem

No one looking for a gym, even an MMA gym, could find this business. Not online and not even from the storefront due to it’s location. They were relying purely on word-of-mouth to build their student base.

If by chance you did hear about this gym, the location was in the back lot of a warehouse parking lot with no markings on the door.

As if walking into a gym to learn cage fighting wasn’t intimidating enough…

The Solution

We needed to get the gym found in more ways than one. It needed an online and search engine presence, but we also had to explain to potential members how to physically find the gym. We completely rebuilt the website with this goal in mind.

Web Design

We built a completely new website with the goal of looking clean and professional to lower the intimidation factor of walking into a new fight gym. We also included detailed instructions on how to find the location, and even door to the building, on the Contact page.

On-Page SEO

Each class type; boxing, jui-jitsu, kickboxing, MMA etc. was given it's own dedicated landing page. Each page included details about what to expect in that class including a schedule breakdown.

Local SEO

The Google listing was rebuilt with our targeted keywords and more images of the location. Students were encouraged to leave reviews with an easy-to-follow link placed directly on the website.

Performance Tracking

Goal tracking was set up on both website form submissions as well as phone calls so performance could be properly measured.

fearless mma website before Fearless-MMA-home-after-16x9

The Results

The gym quickly climbed in local rankings for not only “MMA Gym” keywords but also various disciplines that the gym offered as classes, such as “boxing” “jui jitsu” and “muy thai”.

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Day by day and month by month, more members started to roll into the gym. It quickly grew from it’s initial stage of 30-40 total students to the biggest combat sports gym in the region. The gym currently has over 1,000 monthly paying members including a raised monthly fee.

The gym quickly outgrew it’s 20,000 square foot warehouse with no AC and moved into a brand new facility over twice the size. All new equipment, location, and signage opened them up to an even larger audience, rivaling the most prestigious schools in the big city.