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Organic Visits Recovered/mo

Recovering over 700,000 monthly organic visits lost to Google update.

Recovering Lost EEAT Traffic


The client ran a successful blog about natural health for pets. This traffic was the life blood of the business as it was used to funnel traffic into purchase funnels for their line of supplements and other health products for dogs.

The Challenge

About a year into the COVID-19, Google cracked down on medical “misinformation” by punishing information it deemed not credible enough.

The blog about natural health care for dogs started to bleed traffic, dropping from over 2 million monthly visitors to less that 1 million.

The traffic drop coincided with Google’s “health update”. They were prioritizing health information with rock-solid sources and scientific data.

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The Solution

E-E-A-T is Google’s measuring stick on how credible an article is, especially when it comes to medical or scientific information.

In order to recover the traffic, we were going to have to lean into Google’s rules and help them (the robots) understand that the content was valuable and trustworthy.

On-Page SEO

Prioritizing high-traffic blog posts, we went into the content to update out of date data or opinions, went into deeper detail about the author and their qualifications, added a detailed sources section and made sure external links to sources from in the content were working correctly.

Technical SEO

Schema markup was installed to help explain to Google's machine learning what the articles were.

Instant indexing was installed so that updated posts as well as new posts would automatically be submitted for indexing right away. Without instant indexing, Google can take months to update posts or pages.

Content Strategy

Some content was too controversial to appease Google's crackdown on misinformation but was very popular amongst readers.

We repurposed this content into email campaigns and whitepapers, putting them behind an email capture form. This allowed us to continue to use popular content to reach sales objectives.

The Results

Organic Traffic started to rebound over time. While the blog is yet to reach it’s high 2 million mark, that number was helped by the beginning of Covid lockdowns when internet traffic in general was up. The number it is currently averaging is in line with pre-lockdown highs, and continuing to grow.

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It’s important to stay up-to-date with Google updates and ranking factors. The blog is on a steady incline of traffic every month with a stronger understanding of E-E-A-T and a new content creation process.